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Hear directly from party hosts, event organizers, and audience members!

Very entertaining and a good cultural representation

This was an awesome taste of Middle East dance traditions from a dedicated and passionate dancer. Her technique is very well developed and the props and costume are of the highest quality. Her presence and interactions are marked by respect and professional ethics. You definitely need to see Kelsey’s show!

-Emilio, WorlFest participant

Absolutely amazing!

Such versatility, dedication, and true passion for the art. Kelsey was punctual and a pleasure to work with. She took all our ideas and molded an even tout of them and took the stress off us. With just a quick 10 minute phone call she saw our vision and made it a reality.

-Mark, private party host

Exactly what I wanted

Kelsey made my festival complete with her beautiful belly dance performance!! She opened the show and created the mood that had everybody wanting more!! She was easy to communicate with, she showed up on time, she looked gorgeous, and she's so sweet!! Everybody loved her and it's safe to say she was one of the favorites of the night!! I'm so glad we connected and I'll definitely be in touch for my next event. 10's ACROSS THE BOARD!!

-Ter'resha, festival organizer

A great addition to our party

Kelsey did a great job engaging the crowd at my husband's birthday party. She performed solo for three songs, and then got the whole crowd dancing. And her costume was absolutely stunning! We had a blast and appreciated her professionalism.

-Olga, private party hostess

Blew everyone away

One of my ex-girlfriends was into Belly Dancing, so through her I learned some about the technique and artistry. So when I saw Kelsey perform, I knew she was really, really good. She did some hard moves! Everyone in the audience was so excited - there were almost 200 of us - shouting and clapping throughout her whole dance. She was the highlight of our evening.

-Carlos, audience member

Talented, culturally informed dancer

The Middle East is a region with a unique blend and diversity of traditions; Kelsey performed for 4 songs, each associated to a different cultural style, with upmost elegance and mesmerizing steps. The audience enjoyed every bit of movements and danced along the way. Kelsey went above and beyond by rallying the audience to learn some basic movements and dance along. My event co-ordination team and the WorldFest audience appreciated Kelsey for the exemplary performance and graceful dance!

-Saravanan, WorldFest organizer

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