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Hello, and welcome!

Raqs sharqi (oriental dance) found me in 2015, a time when I was seeking relief and healing from body-based trauma. My early days of dancing were a formidable project in the restoration of mind-body connection, building confidence, and finding safety and empowerment in feminine expression. After this primary phase of my journey, I started to fall in love with the cultural story of raqs sharqi and began studying with great enthusiasm.

In 2019, I made a solo debut for an audience of 200 cultural scholars in Valencia, Spain, and began teaching online in 2021. Now nearly a decade into my dance career, I continue to perform for audiences of all sizes at weddings, festivals, parties, family gatherings, and special events.

I primarily study and perform Egyptian and Lebanese styles including raqs sharqi, baladi, sha'abi, and assaya, but also seek continuing education experiences in pan-Arab styles including dabke, khaliji, guedra, and Turkish dance. Embodying and teaching the art of belly dance within its Middle Eastern, Levantine, and North African cultural contexts is my artistic priority.

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